Smarty Rings

Wearable tech has been developing at very high rate. There are tons of devices out there that you can wear on your body and connect it with your smart device (Android or iOS). The fitness bands are front runners in the game. There are many brands and many models with just as many variations of features. The smart watches, though launched fairly recently, are evolving very fast. There are already many tech companies that offer smart watches. There are even the regular watch makers who are adapting to smart watch technology. Some, such as Google glass didn’t work out. Google never released glass for the reason best known to itself. However, the latest in the market of wearable is the Smart Ring. That’s right, a ginger ring with built in smart technology.

Smart rings are just like any other finger ring, just a tad bit thicker and with loads of technology built into them. It has a little display, built in basic processor tech and a small battery. For connectivity it has a built in Bluetooth 4.0. The battery is 22mAH, but runs the ring for full 24 hours. That’s a tough competition to some of the best smart phones. It also has 3 feather touch buttons to control your smart device.

Let’s take a look at what it can do. Smart ring has real time notification updates for incoming and outgoing call notifications. It has alerts for Text messages and email messages. The device also shows notifications for Facebook, twitter, Hangouts and Skype. It’s only a matter of time that other apps developers make smart ring notification for their apps. After all, customization has been the key for the smart devices. The three buttons on ring can be used to accept or reject the incoming calls, make outgoing calls to preset numbers, trigger camera to take a picture and control music. Again, it’s only a matter of time before app developers come up with more novel uses for these buttons. We are pretty use there’s a game lurking somewhere in that finger ring, waiting to be developed. Last but not the least, it has a digital watch, but that was expected. So it has a digital clock, a stopwatch and a timer built it. That’s a lot of features for that small a device.

The ring is made from high quality steel and is waterproof. So it can be used in humid climates, where you would not prefer to use your phones. With a dazzling display, it will be charmer at the nightclub. We bet no other device can actually claim that.