Excited for buying Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus?

After the successful launch of Samsung S7 last year, here is the new update from Samsung i.e. the launch of its new series which is Samsung Galaxy S8.
Sales started in other countries from April end and going to start in India from 1st week of May 2017.
Whether a user should be interested in buying it or not? Let's go through some of the important features of this series.

Bixby – Digital Assistant – Like in Apple iPhones, Samsung has also launched its virtual voice based assitant – Bixby. This is really nice!
Samsung Pay & My Galaxy – This series come with pre-loaded apps – Samsung Pay and My Galaxy. Samsung Pay is a payment service which allows users to make online payments whereas My Galaxy App is an application for users who are looking for entertainment or services at one place like hotel, train, flight booking etc or support/services for Samsung S8, S8 Plus. Samsung DeX – This is an optional option – Samsung DeX which is a mobile-to-PC transition tool that can turn your Galaxy S8 into a PC. This provides users android-based desktop-like experience. Of course, Samsung DeX will be purchased separately, at an additional cost.
Samsung Galaxy UI – This covers screen size which is 5.6 inches for S8 & 6.2 inches for S8 Plus, enhanced user interactions, improved app icons etc.
Samsung Galaxy Performance – This Samsung series come with the better performance, with heightened speed and efficiency.

Most of these features are covered in Apple iPhone 7, but what is that makes Samsung S8 different from iPhone 7!!

Here you go...
Lock/Unlock Phone – Samsung S8 provides an additional security feature of Iris scanner, other than fingerprint sensor. Now you can either use iris scanner or fingerprint options to unlock your phone & access your secure folders. iPhone 7 has only fingerprint sensor option.
Screen – You can now enjoy watching your favourite content on a much bigger screen. Samsung S8 has 5.6 inches screen size & S8 Plus has 6.2 inches, whereas iPhone 7 has 4.7 inches & iPhone 7 Plus has 5.5 inches. Also, Samsung uses a screen technology called OLED which is more power-efficient, whereas iPhone still uses LCD, which doesn't look as good as OLED.
Heart Rate Sensor – Check your pulse on the go with Samsung S8, with a heart rate sensor at the back, whereas one needs to buy an additional accessory like Apple Watch in order to check pulse using iPhone 7.
Charging – In comparision to iPhone 7, Samsung S8 can be charged using wireless charging pad whereas no such option is available in iPhone 7. Also, Samsung has provided new feature of fast-charging i.e charging much faster than normal.
Headphone Jack – Apple removed headphone jack from iPhone 7 recently. We have to use a dongle if we want to plug in your regular wired headphones, which requires additional cost, whereas this is still present in Samsung S8 series.
Digital Assistant – Bixby – Samsung's digital assistant, allows to take pictures of real-world. Also, it helps us get information like links of nearby location, links of shopping sites etc. Whereas Siri in iPhone does not allow to take pictures of real-world.

So, Lets not wait & book our Samsung S8 at an earliest to avail the best offers...

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