Bedtime Gadgets

Sleep is something we all look forward to. But everyone will agree that getting a perfect sleep is not that easy. The three step process, falling asleep, staying asleep and waking up fresh, at the right time is something that no genius has cracked yet. However, technology has come up with some cool devices to help you get close to that perfect REM cycle.

Let’s take a look at few of them:
Fan Air Cooling Bed Fan. Lets be honest. We all have that problem. Take the blanker off, it gets too cold, keep the blanket on, and it gets too warm. No one want to keep getting out of bed to adjust fan speed. So it ends up being a juggling task between blanket, you and fan. This fan, which is just about the height of the bed, is designed to take a warm air out from between the sheets and replace it with gentle cool breeze. That’s one snooze closer to a good sleep.
Anti snoring sleep mask. The second biggest problem with getting a good sleep is a snoring partner. And it’s just sleep, many marriages are in trouble because of snoring partner. Now there is a sleep mask that tackles this problem. This sleep mask has a noise cancellation technology built right in it. It uses a patented technology to generate sound waves to cancel the snoring sound. That should definitely making snuggling and sleeping with your partner, much cosier.
Glow in the dark stars. If sleeping under the stars is your thing, but sleeping out in the open is not, this is the thing for you. These glow in the dark star do not need any additional glue or adhesive for sticking on the walls and can create a charming starry night atmosphere every time you switch off the lights. Whoever thinks that this is for kids, need to be reminded about sleeping like a baby. Get the idea?
Pressure sensitive alarm clock. This device is genius. It’s so genius that it’s almost evil. We all are guilty of going through the alarm snooze cycle, multiple times, every morning, only to be running late again. That snooze function, kind of beats the purpose. But this new device is actually an alarm clock in floor mat. You need to put your both feet down, on the mat and apply pressure for full three seconds, with both feet to stop it buzzing. So to stop this alarm, you literally have to get your feet. That’s genius. For sleepy heads, that pure evil!
There are many more such gadgets out there. Go ahead. Search the net, see which ones actually take your fancy and try them.
After all getting good night’s sleep is least you can do to maintain good health.